Chikungunya News: Researchers find potential antiviral Drug as the Disease spreads globally

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Chikungunya News: According to the most recent research, scientists at Oregon Health and Science University have created the first-ever drug to treat the excruciating joint pain that results from infection with the recently discovered Chikungunya virus.

Chikungunya News

Source : Research Gate

It should be emphasised that no vaccine against the Chikungunya virus has yet received approval. According to reports, as a result of the new research, the substance may go through its first human testing by the end of 2027.

Warmer climates are home to the mosquito species that carry the virus through their bites. Since its discovery in Africa in 1952, the chikungunya virus has spread to Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Americas, and Europe. Its geographic range might be widened by climate change.

Chikungunya virus is viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes.

Chikungunya Symptoms

For one to two weeks after the initial infection, Chikungunya can produce fever, joint and muscular pain, a rash, and other symptoms. A increased risk of serious illness or death exists in young children, elderly adults, people with high blood pressure, and people who have diabetes.

While the majority of people recover completely, 30 to 40% of them will continue to have chronic Chikungunya arthritis, which causes persistent joint pain for months or even years. Some people are unable to work as a result of the agony it causes

The goal of the experimental Chikungunya antiviral drug is to lower the overall viral load or virus burden. The substance, which is still under patent protection, is known as a 2-pyrimidone small molecule inhibitor. It functions by attaching to the viral RNA polymerase, which is used by viruses to multiply.

The medication, which has never been used to treat humans, the researchers claim, targets a special location on viral RNA polymerase.

The research team is attempting to modify the chemistry of the antiviral chemical in order to create a pill that can be swallowed. The group intends to use more sophisticated animal models to examine the efficacy and safety of the reformulated substance.

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Source: Research Gate


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