Japanese Company Develops world’s first Pancreatic Cancer Screening Test using worm noses

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These millimeter-long worms can be served as an effective diagnostic tool for the pancreatic cancer Early screening test. Users can administer the test by sending a sample of urine to a lab through a customized mail pouch.

Because pancreatic cancer is difficult to diagnose and determine the rate of progression, the Japanese company decided to create a screening test for this disease. According to the news agency, Reuters reports. The firm, named Hirotsu Bio Science, launched its N-NOSE plus Pancreas test in November. The product was marketed directly to consumers in Japan. Now the company aims to bring the screening test to the United States by 2023.

Pancreatic Cancer Screening Test
Picture: Andy Murray

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According to the reports the urine sample is placed in a petri dish, and these millimeter worms, Nematodes scientifically called as C.ellagans. acc to the company These worms have olfactory sense much more powerful than the dogs. These worms trace the cancerous cells by following their noses toward the affected cells. thus confirming the presence of pancreatic cancer.

The pancreas test kit costs 70,000 yen ($505), which is a lot for a diagnostic procedure in Japan. Some doctors have criticized this direct approach to consumers and doubted the medical usefulness of the results.

The company counters that the accuracy of N-NOSE stands up well against other diagnostic tests and is intended as early screening tools that can guide patients to further testing and treatment sooner.

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