Scientists Revive 48500-year-old Deadly Zombie Virus, know all about it

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International scientists Revived the 48500-year-old Zombie Virus from the Siberian Permafrost and have warned that the permafrost’s irreversible thawing driven on by climate change may cause a new public health risk. In a study repository bioRxiv that has not yet undergone peer review, the French, Russian, and German researchers asserted that they had found and revived 13 new “zombie viruses.” Seven separate old Siberian permafrost samples were used to identify these viruses.

zombie virus

According to researcher Jean-Marie Alempic of the National Center for Scientific Research, the release of bacteria into the environment would pose a serious risk to public health. The oldest of the 13 ancient viruses that scientists have been able to revive is an amoeba virus that has been submerged and dormant in the lake for almost 48,500 years. According to the researchers, these infectious viruses revived after thousands of years later can be still contagious.

In the conclusion, they added, “it is legitimate to consider the possibility of old virus particles still being infectious and returning to the population due to the thawing of ancient permafrost layers.” Organic substances released by melting ice break down into carbon dioxide and methane, increasing the greenhouse effect and accelerating the melting process. There is the possibility that these viruses can come in contact with humans and may spread.


What is a zombie Virus?

“zombie viruses” is the cumulative term given by scientists to these pathogens that have been submerged in the permafrost for more than 50000 years. The team of scientists from France, Germany, and Russia claimed that after spending years locked in a freezing environment, these viruses continued to be contagious.

Can Zombie Virus transmit?

Due to global warming, the irreversible melting of the permafrost has significant microbial consequences, releasing organic matter, most of the organic matter decomposes while some are made up of revived cellular bacteria and viruses. due to the melting of permafrost, these viruses can come in contact with humans and may spread.

Where is the zombie virus?

“zombie viruses” have been discovered by scientists in the permafrost and lakes in Siberia that have been submerged there for more than 50000 years.

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