Best Free tools for Medical Students 2022


This platform (Dr Bucho) has a goal of helping medical and paramedical students to achieve their goals by keeping them up to date with the profession we are passionate about; we will be working hard on things related to health care and in perspective of students as well.



Admission alerts regarding medical and paramedical courses all over India in this segment we will head you to the Top colleges in India (Govt/private) in 2022-2023. it may make it easier to check the Top medical colleges in India 2022-2023 and do a self-analysis regarding choosing the best college

free tools for medical students


This segment will try to bring you all the Alerts and notifications regarding medical exams, paramedical exams, admission alerts, and more


As our main goal is to ease and help students in getting the best we try to acknowledge you with the tools (free/paid) that may help you in getting on with your studies, you can check free tools for medical students and scholarships for medical and paramedical students

Free tools for Medical Students 2022

  • Drug Dictionary offline

Drug Dictionary is a medical handbook that provides all information about drugs used for medication: uses and more, To get this app click to Download

  • is a medical calculator to help medicos; The source for medical equations, algorithms, scores, and guidelines. It is website portal as well as app found on both IOS and Andriod.

  • CIMS India

CIMS India is an app where medicos can get drug information and news and it is free to use get the app by clicking here

  • Medscape

Medscape is the most recommended tool for medicos, where you Get the latest medical news, clinical trial coverage, drug updates, journal articles, CME activities & more on Medscape.

These are the list of few tools and apps To get more information about the free\paid tools that may help you in making it easier check out FREE Tools For Medical Students 2022

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