The Last Of Us Episode 6 Review: Revealing the bond between Joel and Ellie

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The Last of Us is based on the well-known Last of Us video game series, which debuted in 2013 for the PlayStation 3. The Last of Us is a television series that, like the video game, takes place in a post-apocalyptic America where a fungal plague has largely wiped out civilization.

The Last of Us Episode 6 is titled as “KIN”, and is a standout that features exceptional work from Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. Joel and Ellie’s relationship is brought to life in the episode thanks to its emotional heft and character growth, which elevates it to a series of turning point. It’s a pleasant change of pace from the earlier episodes and it prepares the audience for the season’s second half, which is expected to be intense and emotionally charged.

The Last Of Us Episode 6
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The Last Of Us Episode 6 Review Detailed

The sixth episode of The Last of Us series, is a game-changer, as Joel and Ellie finally express their emotions towards each other, bringing an emotional climax to the story. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey deliver their best performances, adding to the series’ powerful moments.

Three months after Henry and Sam’s deaths, the plot picks up with Joel and Ellie in Wyoming looking for Tommy, Joel’s brother. In order to locate Tommy, they come across an elderly couple who had been off the grid. The episode’s introduction is upbeat, which is a nice change from the horrors of the previous episode.

Here, Pascal gives an incredibly strong performance. Joel eventually breaks down and allows his greatest anxieties to surface after five episodes of seeing him act like a grouchy, Because of how long he has kept it within and how much he loves Ellie, we feel terrible for him because he can no longer rely on himself to protect her. In this scene, Pascal demonstrates once more why he is among the top performers in the industry as his voice quivers and his body trembles.

Joel and Ellie are presently in a wonderful situation. They have expressed to one another their trust and concern for one another. You can tell how far they’ve come when you consider that at one point, he couldn’t stand her and wouldn’t let her go close to a gun. Now, they’re even laughing while practising their aim.

The Bond between Joel and Ellie

The episode focuses on Joel and Ellie’s relationship, a central duo that viewers have been introduced to, along with several other characters. However, it is the first time viewers see the depth of their relationship and emotions toward each other. The narrative takes place in Jackson, a post-outbreak community where people can live their lives, and Tommy plans to start a new life with his wife, Maria, and their unborn child. Joel and Ellie are offered a house to stay in, with Maria taking Ellie to the movies, and the brothers sharing a couple of drinks at the town bar.

Their first conversation is contentious as Tommy tells Joel that he and Maria are having a child. Joel, still struggling with the loss of his daughter, Sarah, is resentful and jealous. Their later conversation is more emotional as Joel asks Tommy to take Ellie to the Fireflies instead of him. Joel’s frailty, both mentally and physically, is a significant concern, and he breaks down in front of Tommy, telling him how scared he is and how he feels like he has failed Ellie repeatedly. Pascal’s performance in this scene is exceptional, with his quivering voice and shaking body, making the audience empathize with Joel’s struggles.

Joel and Ellie’s famous bedroom argument is essentially line-by-line reenacted to depict how their link is briefly broken, which makes Joel’s decision to alter his mind and continue on with Ellie on their adventure all the more satisfying.

Even though their bond has grown stronger, Joel is stabbed at the abandoned campus while defending Ellie from a gang of punks. Ellie is forced to rescue Joel’s life as a result of this incident, which marks a pivotal turning point in the narrative and a terrifying cliffhanger for viewers. Inputs from Denofgeek

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How To Watch The Last Of Us Season 2 Episode 6 For Free?

The streaming of last Of us will be on HBO, Disney+, Hotstar, etc Although These are the paid platforms where the streaming will happen, you can ask your friends to share the Netflix account or disney+ and enjoy it

In India, Disney+ Hotstar is streaming The Last of Us. On January 16, the first episode debuted, and on January 24, the second episode was made available. There are various subscription plans available for the Disney+ Hotstar service in India, with prices starting at Rs 299 per month.

Disney+ Hotstar Mobile costs Rs 499 per.
Disney+ Hotstar Super: Rs. 899 (year),
Disney+ Hotstar Premium: 299 rupees per month or 1499 rupees per year

Or you Can Watch it on the official website of HBO Here

When Will The last of us episode 6 be Out?

HBO Max now has The Last of Us’s first five episodes available for streaming. At 9 p.m. ET on Sundays, new episodes of HBO and HBO Max go on the air. The Trailer is Already Released You Can Watch it Below


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