Duties Of A Pharmacist Technician

By helping pharmacists dispense prescriptions and giving patients crucial information, pharmacy techs play a crucial part in the healthcare sector.  

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What is a Pharmacist Technician?

Healthcare professional , works under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. Pharmacist technicians are trained to accurately measure, mix, and dispense medications

History of a Pharmacist technician

They are frequently confused with pharmacists because this occupation emerged as a result of Saudi Arabia’s shortage of pharmacists in 1990. 

How to be a Pharmacist Technician?

 You need to obtain a high school diploma or the equivalent and complete a training program to become a pharmacy technician. 

5 Main Duties Of A Pharmacist Technician

1.Accurate medication measurement and dispensing

An excellent command of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and medical jargon are necessary for this.

2. Maintaining the pharmacy’s inventory

Maintaining the pharmacy’s inventory requires pharmacist technicians to maintain track of it and make sure it is well-stocked and organized. 

3. Assisting the pharmacist with preparing prescription

Pharmacy technicians help the pharmacist prepare prescriptions by counting and labeling drugs, among other tasks.

4. Monitoring medication expiration date

The ability to identify, keep track of, and discard expired pharmaceuticals from the pharmacy’s stock is a requirement for pharmacist technicians. 

5. Checking for drug interactions and contraindication

The ability to recognize and comprehend potential drug interactions and contraindications is a must for pharmacist technicians.