Important Job Responsibilities of a Nurse

Nurses are the foundation of every healthcare system, and they are responsible for everything from managing medical facilities to caring for patients. 

Importance Of The Nurses In the Hospitals and other Field

In addition to hospitals and long-term care institutions, nurses also work in clinics, schools, and doctor’s offices



History of nursing goes back thousands of years. Florence Nightingale founded the first contemporary nursing school and elevated nursing to a respected profession during  American Civil War. 

Certification Levels of Nurse

Registered nurses (RNs) Nurse practitioner (NP) certified nurse midwives (CNM) Clinical nurse specialist (CNS) Certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs)

5  Responsibilities of a Nurse

1. Patient Assessment

-Conducting a thorough evaluation of the patient’s condition is one of a nurse’s main duties 

2. Medication Administration

-Nurses are in charge of giving patients the medication they need according to a doctor’s prescription.

3. Recording Medical History and Symptoms of Patient

Keeping accurate records of their patient’s medical histories and symptoms is the nurse’s responsibility

4. Patient Education

Nurses are in charge of informing patients and their families about their medical conditions, treatments, and care schedules.  

5. Emergency Response

Nurses need to be ready to respond to emergencies and offer their patients timely care. They must be capable of reacting swiftly and efficiently in an emergency situation