Best Diet For Glowing Skin In 3 Days 

Whatever your skin type, maintaining overall skin health and addressing particular issues like acne, scars, and dark spots  etc 

Diet and Its Impact On Skin

High-sugar, high-salt, high-fat, and highly processed foods can contribute to inflammation in the body and poor skin conditions.

Choosing Best Diet

Have you ever considered how much your diet might affect the health of your skin? The food we eat affects every bodily function, including that of our greatest organ, the skin. 

What to Eat for Glowing Skin?

Foods Rich in Beta-carotene, vitamin A, flavonoids vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants  

3 Day Diet Plan For Glowing Skin

It is strongly advised to speak with a specialist for a more individualized skin-whitening diet plan 

Images Credit: Pixabay and Unsplash

Day 1




– Blanched veggies 1 cup brown rice

– Mix Salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, onions)

-1 cup whole-grain, fortified cereal/1 cup nut milk (like almond)/ 5 strawberries

Day 2




– Fresh Salad (Carrot, beetroot, lettuce) Any Daal (Lentils) Rice

– Green veggie/ 1 chapati/ salad bowl with lots of greens

-1 wheat bread/2 boiled eggs/green tea.

Day 3




–  Mixed vegetable curry/ 1 chapati/ 1 cup raita

– Veggie wrap/ 1 glass of buttermilk

-Soy milk/1 cup papaya/4-5 almonds