What is lupus? TV personality Louise Thompson announces Diagnosis: Louise Thompson News

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The TV personality and Former Made In Chelsea star  Louise Thompson’s health has taken a further hit because she has drug-induced lupus. What are the symptoms and what is the condition? Know all About Her symptoms…

Louise Thompson news: a former member of the cast of Made in Chelsea, has disclosed she has lupus. She has been told by doctors that his condition is Non-Curable

The 32-year-old, who just gave birth to her son nine months ago, has suffered yet another setback to her health. Since nearly passing away twice while giving birth to her children in November of last year, Louise has struggled with PTSD and post-natal anxiety.

While providing followers with a health update on Instagram, the reality TV actor’s current health issues were revealed. When Louise Thompson described how she had been diagnosed with a rare form of drug-induced lupus, she was unable to contain her tears.

In the Instagram video, announcing her diagnosis, Louise said: “So to update you guys quickly, I had a call yesterday with one of the rheumatology guys and they got more of my blood test results back and the diagnosis is that I’ve got drug-induced lupus. So I’m suffering from that, which is fabulous. It means that I’m really tired but I’ve also started to get really intolerable joint pain especially if I sit down for any amount of time if I cross my legs.”

Louise Thompson News

Louise Thompson News

What is Lupus? and what are its symptoms?

According to experts, lupus is a very complex and unpredictably occurring disorder that manifests differently depending on where in the body it is. Due to its complexity, there is a lack of public knowledge and understanding.

It is an autoimmune disorder, which means that it is not transmitted and is instead brought on when immune system antibodies erroneously assault healthy cells or organs. Although there are several potential causes, including genetics, it is commonly acknowledged that experts are still unsure of the exact cause. Mayoclinic

Because of how frequently its signs and symptoms resemble those of other illnesses, lupus can be challenging to diagnose. In many but not all cases of lupus, the most recognizable lupus symptom—a face rash that looks like butterfly wings expanding across both cheeks—occurs.

Some people are predisposed to lupus from birth, which can be brought on by illnesses, medications, or even sunshine. Lupus has no known cure, however medicines can help manage symptoms.

According to NHS symptoms of lupus are

  • joint and muscle pain
  • extreme tiredness that will not go away no matter how much you rest
  • rashes – often over the nose and cheeks

Can Lupus Transmit From one person To Another?

Although there is no known cure, it is not communicable.

How Lupus is Caused?

It is unclear exactly what causes it, however, it has been suggested that viral infections, unpleasant drug reactions, sunshine, puberty, delivery, and menopause are all potential triggers. It is also known that black and Asian women are more prone than Caucasian women to experience it than are men.

How Lupus Is Diagnosed?

Once lupus is identified, a person is likely to have additional blood and urine tests because the disease is chronic and symptoms are likely to fluctuate throughout times of remission and recurrence.

How Lupus Can Be Treated?

While there is presently no cure for SLE, there are medications that can be used to manage its symptoms, such as immune system suppressants or anti-inflammatories. Many people are successful in reducing the effect it has on their daily lives by employing these.

For Complete Details Regarding Lupus We recommend you to visit your Doctor If You Think You Need any Medical help regarding it

Further, she said while addressing her symptoms, “I have mucus coming out of my nose and really bad pain in my ears and I’m not supposed to take anti-inflammatory medication, so ibuprofen, because of having ulcerative colitis or all of that.”

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this material is being made solely for informational purposes. It makes no claims to be able to diagnose or treat any medical problem. Before making any changes, please speak with your doctor if you have any concerns about your health.

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