World’s Dumbest Fish Disqualifies a Boat from a Renowned Yacht Race|Know 5 facts about the fish

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Some people use The Phrases like “The Biggest Joke Played on Earth” , “Floating Garbage” or “A Big Floating Blob” For The Fish, So what is actually so unique about This Fish lets Know

The world’s Dumbest fish or considered stupidest fish, the ocean sunfish, a sea creature, eliminated a boat from an Australian race this week. The sunfish’s size—the average sunfish weighs nearly a ton—is its claim to fame. One sailor regrettably disregarded this challenge. While Reporting From yahoo life, Louis Ryckmans, a sailor, said, “I’ve heard all the stories in this club about people who have had hits with sunfish and I’ve always assumed it was one of the dock stories.”

But the sunfish unwittingly entered the boat race as a serious competitor. according to Ryckman, at least one expert referred to it as “floating junk” and “the world’s dumbest fish” by reading on. Ryckmans’ boat collided with another boat when he was taking part in the annual Sydney-to-Hobart race. He further stated to yahoo life “We had an impact where my immediate thought was we hit a reef; it was that powerful,” he said. “I happened to be in the back of the boat and turned around and there was a spluttering sunfish in the water that was probably worse for wear.”

World's Dumbest Fish Disqualifies a Boat from a Renowned Yacht Race

Ocean Sunfish

One of the biggest bony fish in the world is the ocean sunfish, often known as the common mola (Mola mola). The average adult weight is 247 to 1,000 kg (545 and 2,205 lb) and grows to a maximum length of 14 feet. The species is indigenous to both tropical and arctic waters. Its primary body is lateraly flattened, and its head resembles a fish without a tail. They also have small, beady eyes and a big, triangular tail. When their dorsal and ventral fins are extended, sunfish can reach heights of as much as their length.

Sunfish are renowned for their sluggish movements and propensity to float close to the water’s surface. They frequently inhabit areas close to the equator and are drawn to warm, tropical waters. As opportunistic feeders, sunfish will consume a wide range of prey, including jellyfish, squid, crabs, and small fish.

5 interesting Facts About Ocean Sunfish

1. More Like a Sloth But from The Ocean

The ocean sunfish lacks the gas-filled swim bladder that provides other fish their buoyancy, making it a somewhat slow and clumsy swimmer. Some sunfish have been observed swimming wherever the currents take them, covering roughly 16 kilometres each day.

2. Ocean Sunfish Weigh As Much As Four Grizzly Bears.

One of the biggest bony fish in the world. Sunfishes can reach lengths of up to 3 metres and weigh up to 1,900 KG (4,000 pounds). and it may be the reason contributing to its slow movements.

3. Ocean Fish Are Gluttons – They like to Eat a Lot of Tasty Food like Us

These fish are hunting for food over several kilometers each day. They hunt for salps, comb jellies, small fish, zooplankton and squids. As this diet is nutritionally poor, they have to eat a lot. 

4. Most Welcoming Hosts

The sunfish’s body is a haven for a wide variety of parasites. The fish’s skin is home to more than 40 distinct parasite species, some of which are barnacles. To remove the parasites from their skin, they depend on different species of fish.


  1. Mola:- means milestone in latin and was named as such by the Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus. Why? Simply because of its greyish/brownish color and big circular shape.
  2. Sunfish:-as they are often seen chilling and sun gazing at the surface of the sea. 
  3. Schwimmender Kopf for germans, means “Swimming Head”. It refers to the big head shaped body with only the small eyes and mouth that can be distinguished. 

World's Dumbest Fish

Image by Markus Kammermann from Pixabay

Sunfish as a Part Of Daily Meals

In the largest markets of Taiwan and Japan. All parts of the sunfish are used in cuisine, from the fins to the internal organs. Some parts are used in some areas of traditional medicine, Sunfish are used in many meals, including sushi and sashimi, and are regarded as a delicacy in several regions of the world. Due to overfishing and habitat degradation, they are also regarded as vulnerable species, and measures are being taken to safeguard their populations. Divers and snorkelers enjoy swimming with sunfish to watch its distinctive characteristics.

Why are ocean sunfish so big?

The ocean sunfish genome identified multiple changed genes that could account for the fish’s rapid growth, enormous size, and unique endoskeleton.

Does a sunfish have a brain?

Obviously yes According to the , The average brain size of sunfish living in the littoral habitat is 8.3% greater than that of those living in the pelagic habitat.

How big can a sunfish get?

Sunfishes can reach lengths of up to 3 metres and weigh up to 1,900 KG (4,000 pounds).

Reference From Yahoolife

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